Who We Are

Brief Information About Our Company

FLORAL is a global luxury packaging and design brand that provides custom-made innovative production solutions depending on business objectives. 18 years old company combines true expertise with creative approach and artistic perspective. It can be either a niche corporate gift or a luxury design process for mass production, FLORAL uses boutique point of view to reveal case study solutions. We offer ‘from idea to product’ processes with various alternatives for every stage. Our diverse customer team provides 24/7 superior service according to your business needs.

What We Do

Creative Packaging Solutions

Floral, as the company providing special solutions based on specific business needs, offers wide range of products as well as an endless array of beautiful colors, textures, and finishes providing ground-breaking packaging designs.

Our Production Range

Endless Materials & Solutions

Since each brand is different, it is only through a deep customization that you can reveal your authenticity. Formulated with the most modern production techniques, Floral products are able to be produced in endless possibilities and achieve creating 100% harmony with your brand.

Floral is the company that provides everything you need for packaging including name tags, gift set boxes, paper bags, caps produced with metal, crystal, and aluminum.

It helps you with your all bottle needs such as perfume bottles produced with glass, metal, and crystal, daily bottles, display bottles, room spray bottles, incense burners, home diffusers and bath set bottles for body lotions, shampoos, and creams.

If you need a packaging solution that is unexecuted before; thanks to a great variety of production techniques and its creative perspective, Floral makes it real!